Betting on Quantum Objects

  • Hong Kong Workshop on Quantum Information and Foundations. University of Hong Kong. January 8–12, 2018. (Invited Speaker)
  • Contextuality: Conceptual Issues, Operational Signatures, and Applications. Perimeter Institute. July 24–28, 2017. (Poster)
  • Solstice of Quantum Foundations. ETH Zürich. June 18–23, 2017. (Poster)
  • Logic, Mathematics, and Physics Graduate Conference (LMP). Western University. June 15–17, 2017.
  • Quantum Contextuality in Quantum Mechanics and Beyond (QCQMB). Czech Union of Scientific and Technological Societies. June 4–5, 2017. (Poster)
  • 5th LSE Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Probability (PoP5). LSE. June 2–3, 2017.

Sheaves, Generalized Probability, and the Hierarchy of Contextuality

  • Foundations 2016. LSE. July 16–18, 2016.